Century Type Title Author/Editor Date Published Publisher
18th Dance A Scholars Companion, containing a choice collection of Cotillons & Country-Dances M.J.C. Fraisier 1763
19th Dance A Translation of Nine of the Most Fashionable Quadrilles Barclay Dunn 1818
19th Dance American Dancing Master and Ball-Room Prompter: containing Five Hundered Dances Elias Howe 1862
19th Dance Ball-Room Dancing Without a Master - 1872
19th Dance Beadle's Dime Ball-room Companion and Guide to Dancing - 1868
19th Dance Dick's Quadrille Call-Book, and Ball-Room Prompter Dick & Fitzgerald 1878
19th Dance Fashionable Quadrille Call Book and Guide to Etiquette - 1986
20th Dance Good Morning: Music, calls and Directions on Old Time Dancing Henry Ford 1941
19th Dance How to Dance: a complete Ball-Room and Party Guide - 1878
19th Dance J.W. Pepper's Universal Dancing Master, Prompter's Call Book and Violinist's Guide. Lucien O. Carpenter 1882
19th Dance The Ball-Room Manual of Contra Dances and Social Cotillons H.G.O. Washburn 1863
19th Dance The Gentleman & Lady's Companion; containing, the newest Cotillions and Country Dances - 1798
19th Dance The Pocket Ball-Room Prompter Elias Howe 1858
19th Etiquette A Guide to the Manners, Etiquette, and Deportment of the Most Refined Society John H. Joung, A.M. 1879 First Lyons Press
19th Etiquette The Laws of Etiquette; or, Short Rules and Reflections for Conduct in Society by A Gentleman 1836
20th Etiquette The London Ritz Book of Etiquette Jennie Reekie survey William Morrow and Company, Inc.
19th Fashion 80 Godey's Full-Color Fashoion Plates 1838-1880 JoAnne Olian collection Dover Publications
20th Fashion A Fashion Survey: 19th Century American Women - survey Cincinnati Art Museum
19th Fashion American Victorian Costume in Early Photograhs Priscilla Harris Dalrymple collection Dover Publications
20th Fashion Antique pocket guide - Visiting Card Cases Noel Riley survey Lutterworth Press (England)
19th Fashion Authentic Victgorian Fashion Patterns Kristina Harris 1890 Dover Publications
19th/20th Fashion Bridal Fashions Victorian Era Donna H. Felger collection Hobby House Press
19th Fashion Civil War Gentlemen: 1860s Apparel Arts & Uniforms R.L. Shep and W.S. Salibury 1866 R.L. Shep
19th/20th Fashion Gentlemen's Dress Accessories E. Eckstein, J. and G. Firkins   Shire Publications Ltd.
19th Fashion Hairstyles and Headdresses of the Civil War Era Catherine Bishop collection Vintage Victorian
19th/20th Fashion Hairstyles and Headdresses of the Victorian, Edwardian, and Ragtime Eras Catherine Bishop collection Vintage Victorian
20th Fashion Historic Communities - 19th Century Clothing Bobbie Kalman 1993 Crabtree Publishing (Australia)
19th Fashion Ladies' Evening Dress of the Civil War Era Catherine Bishop collection Vintage Victorian
19th Fashion Men's Clothing and Fabrics in the 1890s Roseann Ettinger collection Schiffer Publishing Ltd
19th/20th Fashion Men's Fashion Illustrations from the Turn of the Century JNO.J.Mitchell Co. 1910 Dover Publications
19th Fashion Men's Victorian Fashions 1867 - 1898 Millicent Rene collection Ageless Patterns
19th/20th Fashion Shirts and Men's Haberdashery 1840s to 1920s R.L. Shep and Gail Cariou collection R.L. Shep
19th Fashion The Complete Guide to Practical Cutting Edward Minister & Son 1853 R.L. Shep
19th Fashion The Handbook of Practical Cutting on the Centre Point System Louis Devere 1866 R.L. Shep
20th Fashion The History of Underclothes C. Willett and Phillis Cunnington 1951 Dover Publications
19th/20th Fashion Victorian and Edwardian Fashion, a Photographic Survey Alison Gernsheim collection Dover Publications
19th/20th Fashion Victorian and Edwardian Fashions from "La Mode Illustree" JoAnne Olian collection Dover Publications
20th Fashion Victorian Embroidery Freda Parker 1990 Anaya Publishers Ltd (London)
20th Fashion Victorian Fashion Designs Tom Tierney 2002 Dover Publications
19th/20th Fashion Victorian Fashion in America - 204 Vintage Photographs Kristina Harris collection Dover Publications
19th Fashion Victorian fashions and Costumes from Harper's Bazar 186-1898 Stella Blum collection Dover Publications
19th Living Country Houses and Seaside Cottages of the Victorian Era William T. Comstock 1883 Dover Publications
20th Living Domestic Bygones Jacqueline Fearn survey Shire Publications Ltd.
20th Living Victorian Entertaining John Crosby Freeman survey Courage Books/Running Press